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Chelsea Bussey

Certified Consultant

(706) 577-7871

My Story

I just wanted a hobby because I quit my job in April 2020 ...and we all know how 2020 was...I just loved when my house smelled good...than I looked at the bigger outcome if I became a consultant! Why not sell the things that I love and make extra money! I've been a consultant since September 2020!

I have been buying Scentsy through a friend for a while...I saw all the cute products she was posting and thought I can do that! Every time I placed an order I counted the days until it arrived on my doorstep. I thought why not give other people this exciting feeling of getting great products! My first month I hosted my first Scentsy party and had such a great turn out that my party hit $1,000 and earned so many hostess rewards! I was up to my eyeballs in Scentsy and that just wasn’t enough… I wanted more!!
It was no doubt in my mind that I couldn't run this business! Initially all I wanted from my new business was a extra income...but it has became so much more than that!
I never doubted myself and I don't doubt that you can do this too!

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